How to Pass PPSC Test and FPSC Test in 2020

How to Pass PPSC test and FPSC test
How to Pass PPSC Test and FPSC Test

How to pass PPSC Test and FPSC Test in 2020 remains dilemma. After passing Master and even passing M.Phil, a lot of candidates fail in one paper MCQ’s. We all know that they all have great knowledge of their subject. But MCQ’s type general ability test does not check their subject knowledge. In General ability tests, they check overall knowledge of the candidates. That’s why it remains a question, how to pass PPSC test and FPSC test in 2020. They must have to prepare 100 Easy General Knowledge Questions and Answers for General Ability Tests.

How we start reparation for PPSC and FPSC Test in 2020

It came into notice that most of the candidates start preparing without even consulting to anyone. Even though they know that they have to consult someone who has the experience of PPSC and FPSC exams. Most of them feel hesitation for seeking guidance. That’s why they struggled hard in preparing PPSC MCQ’s and FPSC MCQ’s but they failed in the examination.

My Wrong Approach

I applied for a post through PPSC after completing Master and you know what happened to me? I failed and I was very confident about my success as I secured good marks in my Master. And I also prepare a lot of MCQ’s from lot of books. I also prepare from the internet but after checking many websites, I realize that it’s totally time wasting. So I came to books and start preparing. And the result was a failure. After that I realise that there is something wrong in my approach towards passing the test.

What I did After That

From that day I spend more time on thinking about the best approach for preparation. One day one of my best friend tell me about the importance of Past Papers and I start preparing past papers by Imtiaz Shahid. This helped me a lot. But the best part was still waiting for me and I found it after too much struggle. Let me tell you about my approach for preparing for PPSC and FPSC tests.

Best Approach for Preparing PPSC MCQ’s and FPSC MCQ’s

Best way of passing PPSC MCQ’s type paper is to start preparing in a smart way. I believe in working in a smart way. I know a lot of my fellows who study day and night to get better position. But they failed even in passing the examination. The reason behind this is that they don’t work smartly. They even don’t know the way of studying. I always work smart as far as I think. Here I’m telling you the smarter way for passing the PPSC and FPSC test.

How to start preparation for PPSC and FPSC Test

As you start reparation, you must prepare Past Paper by Imtiaz Shahid to be motivated. Past papers will help you a lot. They will give you an idea about PPSC MCQ’s and FPSC MCQ’s. After reading 15 to 20 past paper, you will realise that you were preparing in a wrong way.

What to Do Before Studying Past Papers

Here is a book Smart Way to Crack Any One Paper Exam

will help you a lot. This book is written in a systematic way. These are basically notes. All the questions are from previous papers. Moreover, I arranged these questions in different categories for your ease. These are only 54 page notes which will help you in getting 50+ Marks within 5 days. As I covered all the important topics in this book. And I believe that this will be enough for passing PPSC and FPSC MCQ’s type paper. After getting the basic knowledge and idea about the paper, start preparing like a scholar. Now as you are able in getting 50 to 60 marks, you have to increase your knowledge for getting for marks.

Why we have to secure High Marks in PPSC and FPSC test

This question comes into our mind when we think that the passing marks in PPSC and FPSC MCQ’s type paper is 40%. So why we have to secure high marks?
In PPSC and FPSC tests, candidates are called for interview on the basis of marks. As PPSC and FPSC call 5 candidates for 1 post no matter how many candidates pass the test. That’s why we have to secure high marks in these tests.

Preparing for PPSC Test and FPSC Test Like a Pro

For PPSC and FPSC MCQ’s type paper, I’m giving you the complete methodology and showing you the smart way of preparation.
Hare is a list of topics about which questions are asked in PPSC and FPSC MCQ’s type tests.

PPSC Test General Knowledge
Change the way to Pass PPSC Test

How to Pass PPSC Test

1. General Knowledge
2. Urdu
3. Pakistan Studies
4. English
5. Everyday Science
6. Computer Skills
7. Mathematics
8. Geography
9. Current Affairs
10. Islamic Studies

All General Ability MCQ’s type tests are based on these topics. Now we have prepared according to these. So keep in mind that you will have to struggle hard for each mark.
Now I’m exploring the above mentioned headings and giving you a detailed insight about what you should prepare for securing high marks in PPSC and FPSC MCQ’s type paper.


Increasing marks from 30 to 50 is too easy as compared to 50 to 60. After getting the level of 60 marks, you will have to study a lot for each and every mark. And you can Calculate PPSC Academic Marks here.

General Knowledge

We all think that PPSC and FPSC MCQ’s type tests are General Knowledge tests. But these are General Ability tests. General Knowledge is a portion in these tests. As this portion is too much vast. However, here are the topics about which questions are asked in PPSC and FPSC tests.
Candidates should have the knowledge of things and places. The candidates must know when, where and how these things happened. And they must have a sound knowledge about important events happened globally. The candidates must know when, where and how these events occurred. They must have the knowledge about important personalities. and they must know about their life and their important work. Almost 7 to 10 questions are taken from this part.


As Urdu is our National Language, it is considered an important part in every one paper exam in Pakistan. A lot of questions are taken from this portion. So we have to prepare it as much as we can. The questions about the Poets, Writers and famous personalities are asked. Firstly, prepare the famous poets as they are easy to remember. After that read the writers of some famous books. Finally, prepare the important proverbs, synonyms, antonyms, birth place of some famous personalities of Urdu Language, where they are buried, etc.

Pakistan Studies

The most important portion in PPSC tests is Pakistan Studies. As about 8 to 10 MCQ’s are taken from this portion, we cannot ignore this portion. The paper contains MCQ’s about Pakistan History, Important Events in the History of Pakistan, Important Personalities, Famous events and Struggle. So prepare to pass PPSC Test.


In PPSC Tests, the examiner takes at least 7 to 10 MCQ’s from English portion. We have to prepare it to pass PPSC test as well as to do our duty in a batter way. Test contains MCQ’s about Proverbs, Correct use of Form, Active Voice and Passive Voice, Direct and Indirect, Synonyms and Antonyms. The examiner also asks questions about some famous poets of English Language as well as famous Dramatist and Novelist.

Everyday Science

In this portion, the basic knowledge of candidates about the Biology, Chemistry, Physics and some other Scientific Innovations is judged. The examiner also judge the knowledge about Scientific Inventions, Discoveries as well as Vitamins.

Tip to Pass PPSC Test and FPSC Test

A candidates who prepare these Five portions with full command and he have the basic knowledge about others five portions, he can pass PPSC Test easily. So we can say that these Five portions are more important.

Computer Skills

The candidates must show their knowledge about Computer. Candidates must have knowledge of MS Office, Excel, Internet, Commonly used terms, and MS Office Shortcuts.

Mathematics for PPSC Test

Each PPSC paper contains about 8 to 10 MCQ’s from this portion. That’s why it is too much important. In this portion the examiner asks questions about basic Mathematics. He asks questions about Arithmatic, Algebra, Percentages, Averages, Ratio, Number Series as well as Interest Rates and Proportions.


This is also an important portion in PPSC tests. The examiner takes about 8 to 10 questions from this portion.

Current Affairs

In this portion the examiner judges the knowledge of candidates about History, International Affairs and Global Issues.

Islamic Studies

The most important portion of every one paper exam is Islamic Studies. As the examiner takes about 9 to 10 MCQ’s from this portion, It becomes too much important. We have to have a sound knowledge about the Holy Quran, Hadith, life of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Life of Khulfa-e-Rashideen, Arkan-e-Islam as well as the knowledge about Islamic History.

I have provided the detailed and simplest way to pass PPSC Test and FPSC Test. I believed that if you prepare according to this, you will get the good marks.

How to Pass PPSC and FPSC
Passed the PPSC and FPSC

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