General Knowledge MCQs about Everyday Science

General Knowledge MCQs about Everyday Science
MCQs about Everyday Science

MCQs about Everyday Science for PPSC, FPSC, NTS, PTS and other one paper exams. These MCQs about Everyday Science are too much important.

Adam Smith advocated the theory of “Laissez Faire”.

Darwin presented the Theory of Evolution.

Newton presented Theory of Gravitation.

Newton presented Theory of Motion.

Samuel P. Huntington presented the Theory of Clash of Civilization.

Vitamin ‘A’ can be stored in Liver.

Weak bones is the symptom which is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin ‘D’.

Blindness is caused by deficiency of Vitamin ‘A’.

Vitamin ‘C’ is richest in Guava.

Vitamin ‘K’ helps in clotting of blood.

Citrus fruits are considered rich in Vitamin “C”.

Poor night vision is because of lack of Vitamin “A”.

Vitamin ‘C’ cannot be stored in the human body. Deficiency of Vitamin ‘C’ causes disease of teeth.

Newton defined law of Gravitation.

The velocity of light was first measured by Roomer.

Muslim Scientist and Philosopher Inb-al-Haytham made his most famous contribution to the field of Optics.

The Velocity of Sound is maximum in Steel.

In Nuclear reactors, Graphite is used as a Moderator.

The dinosaurs first appeared on the Earth surface during the Jurassic.

The ‘Aurora Borealis’ occurs in the Exosphere.

Physical wearing and grinding of a surface through friction and impact by material carried in air, water or ice is Abrasion.

Vertical distance above sea level is Altitude.

The best conductor of Electricity is Silver.

The meters installed in our homes measure the electricity in KWH.

EPI is a Vaccination Program.

Petroleum is known as black gold.

The house or shelter of an Eskimo is called Igloo.

While functioning, the temperature level inside a refrigerator is 40oF.

In a rainbow, Yellow colour comes between Orange and Green.

The index of intelligence which is determined through a subject’s answers to arbitrarily chosen questions, is known as I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient).

The acid rain destroys vegetation because it contains Sulphuric acid.

Gunpowder consists of a mixture of Nitre, Sulphur and Charcoal.

Temperate Coniferous forests covers the highest percentage of forest Area in the World.

The uncharged particle of an atom is called Neutron.

Stainless Steel is mainly an alloy of Chromium and Nickle.

Sunlight is composed of seven colours.

Wind blowing in a spiral form around a region of a low atmospheric pressure is a Tornado.

Mobile Phone send and receive messages through Radio Waves.

The chemical name of laughing gas is Nitrous Oxide.

The belt of low atmospheric pressure on either side of the equator are called Doldrums.

The temperature of boiling water decreases on a higher elevation.

Filament of electric bulb is made of Tungsten.

Graphite is added in lead pencils.

The Sun light enter the room by irregular reflection.

‘7’ colors are visible in Sun light spectrum.

Electron is negatively charged.

When volume of water freezes, it turned into ice.

The clinical use of temperature is Fahrenheit.

Normal temperature of human body is 98.4F.

Normal temperature of human body is 36.9oC.

The boiling point of water is 100oC.

The element required for solar energy conversion is Silicon.

Snake can hear through tongue.

The conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy is observed in storage batteries.

Distant objects can be seen with the help of Telescope.

The best colour for a Sun umbrella will be white on the top and black on the inside.

Fumel shaped clouds with violent whirl winds are named as Tornado.

Hematite is an ore of Iron.

A colour television set makes colours by mixing light of three different colours: Blue, Green and Red.

“Labrado” is a famous breed of dogs.

Ostrich, Cassowary, Emu and Rhea are the birds which cannot fly.

The discovery of Radium in 1998, led to the invention of X-Rays machine.

The Sun is mainly composed of Hydrogen.

A rear-view mirror for driving is of concave type.

Light travels at 186,000 miles per second.

Heat received by the Earth from the Sun is known as solar radiation.

Asbestos, Graphite and Sulphur are non-metallic minerals.

One molecule of water is composed of two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen.

Water covers 70% of the Earth.

Bio-Fuels are source of energy derived from plants and animals.

Red Phosphorus is used in safety matches.

Graphite is used in pencils.

Ammonia is lighter than air.

Rayon is a synthetic fibre which is known as artificial silk.

China was the first country who made silk about 4000 years ago.

Blue, Green and Red are primary colours.

Fat has maximum calories.

Fructose is the sweetest Suger.

Short sighted can see clearly distant objects.

The soil composed of sand and clay is called Loam soil.

The plants and vegetation of a region are called flora.

China’s Ts’al Lun invented something closer to modern paper in 105 AD. Now paper is made from trees.

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